The Gains4Girls Guide


What is included in The Gains4Girls Guide?

  • 12 weeks of gym-based workouts, spread across three months – with each month featuring a different workout ‘split’ – which become progressively more challenging.
  • An ‘Education’ section which will help you achieve your goals whether that be cutting, growing a booty or improving your sleep!
  • Access to the exclusive ‘Members’ section of the Gains4Girls website
  • Access to full videos of each workout in the ‘Members’ section
  • Access to a workout glossary of every exercise in the ‘Members’ section
  • Access to discount codes which are exclusively available to buyers of the Gains4Girls guide
  • The opportunity to be a part of The Gains4Girls Community through the Facebook group, Instagram page and hashtags!
  • A huge FAQ section which will provide you with answers and advice to the most FAQs on topics such as alcohol, cheat meals and much, much, more!

Why should you buy this Guide?

We don’t want to just tell you what to do – we want to educate you as to why we recommend you train a certain way, why you would eat a certain way, enabling you to learn more about your body and fitness! We hope that upon reading this guide and completing the workouts you will be able to design your own workouts, meal plans and not have to try any more ‘fad’ diets or ‘quick-fix’ fitness plans. The Gains4Girls way of training is for life!

What experience / credentials do we have?

Other than years of experience experimenting with different diets, programmes, of educating ourselves and be able to transform our bodies (as well as our mentalities), AC is a Certified Personal Trainer, with almost 2 years’ experience Personal Training as well as Online Coaching a wide range of clients – there is nothing she hasn’t seen! 


The Gains4Girls Guide
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