The Ultimate Mother Daughter Day Out

I’d be willing to bet money on the fact that anyone who is reading this is a busy person. We all lead incredibly packed lives, squeezing in our workouts, planning our time efficiently, wishing there was a 25th hour in the day. I’m guilty of it too. This leaves me in a tricky place because I hate to rush things, to feel I have done something half-heartedly or not as well as I could have. And it’s something I’m consciously putting more effort into, getting up 15 minutes earlier so I have time for a cup of tea and am not running around like a headless chicken, making more lists so that I don’t forget things and can be efficient with my time, and also trying not to overcommit myself so I end up with less time for the things that are important to me… such as my Mum!

My mum is great and I love spending time with her, which is why I planned a very special girls’ day out for her last weekend and I absolutely had to share it with you. It made her feel special and it made me happy knowing I’d made the time to make her happy, so if you take anything from this blogpost let it be MAKE TIME FOR YA MUMS! Or for people who are special in your lives. Trust me you won’t regret it.

So here’s what I planned for my Mum and I last weekend:

Brunch at Bluebird:

Bluebird is on the Kings Road, and has a distinctly family vibe with the chic of being in the heart of Chelsea. It’s a special place so I took my Mum there as she is a very special lady! We arrived and I had a glass of prosecco while my Mum opted for a cherry based cocktail. 

Food wise they have a special weekend brunch menu where you can either have two courses for £25 or three for £30. The menu is diverse with classic avo on sourdough or tempura prawns, so there’s something for everyone. We opted for two courses and were very satisfied with what we ordered (see the photos!). I had smoked salmon to start whilst my Mum had the prawns. Then I had the sweet potato hash with a poached egg and Mum had the chicken burger. Delish!

Facials at Facegym:

If you haven’t heard of Facegym where the f*?! you been the last few months! Facegym is essentially a gym for the face (lol pls continue stating the obvious Lucy) but the concept behind it is that your face muscles need to be exercised as well as your body! You know the feeling when you’ve just done a big session in the gym and your muscles are filled out, rounder and have more shape. Well, Facegym apply exactly the same principles. They perform a natural face lift that uses vigorous knuckling movements and high energy whipping strokes to stimulate blood circulations, collagen production and cell renewal to lift, tone and tighten the face.

I was sceptical when I heard of this first thinking ‘ok is this just another beauty fad?’ But I couldn’t have been more wrong! We arrived and were given two herbal teas and the lovely ladies began showing us some essential oils. My favourites were the Gin & Tonic and Aperol Spritz ones… they were simply divine!

We then each had two 40 minute ‘Signature Electricals’, which consists of a warm-up, cardio and stretching of your face. The lovely Della was my therapist for the session and she was simply fantastic.

There were two parts of it which I enjoyed, firstly, it was ultimately a really relaxing experience. I felt completely at ease and the whole experience was like a massive morning stretch which is like the nicest thing ever.

Overall – would 100% recommend and I need to take Abby here, she would absolutely love it!

Diana’s Dress Exhibition at Kensington Palace

So after you’ve eaten & drunk at Bluebird, been pampered at Facegym, why not go and do something a little bit more cultural such as visit Kensington Palace! My Mum and I have wanted to go to see Princess Diana’s Fashion Story for such a long time (yes sorry the history nerd within me still presides). But I’d honestly recommending stopping by for anyone who has an interest in fashion, women, the royal family, history etc.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this almost as much as I enjoyed writing it and actually doing it! Let me know if you try any of these things.

Lots of love, LP x