How to eat your way around a weekend in Paris

This Easter weekend I was lucky enough to go on a weekend trip to Paris with my boyfriend, Harry. Although only just over 2 hours from London by Eurostar, it was my first time visiting the supposedly ‘most Romantic city in the world’. We balanced the weekend with typical ‘touristy’ things, good old food porn and some less well explored parts of the city, so I thought I’d put it all in one blogpost for you all to have a read and take some elements for of where to eat for your next mini-break to Paris!


We came to Paris saying ‘oh we’ll just be authentic and have coffee and croissants everyday’… now whilst this was great (and we did eat croissants every day) I also just had to explore some of the top recommended brunch spots in the city. My favourite two were:


Paperboy’s menu was unique – with two choices, either a ‘plat du jour’, or a more ‘set’ style menu, which came with everything you could possibly want, and obviously this is what I got! It started with the most phenomenal bread basket you’ve ever seen (photo below) with peanut butter, caramel sauce and salted butter – I kid you not this blew our socks off. I then opted for the poached eggs, hollandaise sauce and pastrami, with banana bread with candied nuts for desert. It truly blew our socks off and I would go back any day.


Season is more typical ‘brunch’ style, if you’re used to mooching around London and stopping at Farm Girl or Friends of Ours for brunch. It does the classic brunch VERY well, and I would totally recommend it. Harry and I both opted for the same salmon, goats cheese & avocado on toast with their pancake stack with crispy bacon to share. The lattes they served were some of the best we have ever tasted and the chilled vibe means its somewhere you’d be tempted to sit in all day chatting.



We went to Aspic on our first night in Paris and really did not know what to expect. The website is mostly in French and as we were approaching the rather unassuming exterior of the restaurant we were wondering ‘have we come to the wrong place’. However as soon as we walked through the door the warm ambience hit us. The hostess welcomed us in and showed us the drinks menu (which was majority funky G&T’s and handpicked wines from all over France) and let us know what to expect. Aspic serves a 7-course tasting menu which comes as a surprise, i.e. there is no menu. It is owned by Chef Quentin Giroud and boy were we impressed! With every course Quentin explained to us exactly what we were eating and why and we thoroughly enjoyed the evening – I’d recommend the wine from Alsace!

Le Relais de Venise l'Entrecôte

Whilst l’Entrecôte is not unique to Paris, the flagship restaurant resides in Paris so we just had to visit it. For anyone who doesn’t know what it is, it prides itself on being ‘the best steak frites in town’. Again, there is no menu and the atmosphere is very ‘buzzy’, with families and friends of all ages piling into eat their fill. We arrived 45 minutes before it opened and were about 50th in the queue! But the quick turnaround time means that the queue is quick.

A simple salad with a tangy mustard dressing topped with walnuts; steak cooked to your preference with copious amounts of French fries all drizzled with the special l'Entrecôte sauce and of course we opted for a bottle of the red wine! All for around 25 euros per person – not bad at all. (No photo for this one unfortunately!)


Wine and Nibbles

La Buvette

La Buvette was a recommendation from a friend and was possibly my favourite place we ate in Paris. It’s a tiny wine bar in the 11th Arrondissement of Paris with space for around 12 people to seat on mismatched chairs and tables. When we walked in we were struck with the buzzy conversations going on around us. It goes like this. They don’t have a licence so in order to drink there you must also buy some food too. We started with a light red wine, with some of their cured sausage and haricot means left to soak in olive oil and bear’s garlic flowers (definitely going to try and recreate the latter at home!). We then followed this with 2 classes of a dry Alsace wine with a lump of cheese (below) and it was absolutely dreamy. It would have been very easy to sit in this place all evening running up a bill of wine and nibbles.

Cube La Fayette

This bar is slightly more ‘up market’, but the views are worth it. It’s free to go to the top of the La Fayette shopping centre itself, and the bar is on top of it too with 360 views of the city. Cocktails are around London prices of around 12 to 16 euros but for a special occasion I would definitely recommend! (The view from this bar is at the top of this blogpost!)

I hope that you’ve enjoyed my weekend food guide to Paris and please let me know if you’d like me to document more eateries on my mini-breaks!

BIG love, LP x


Lucy Plenderleith