'Will protein make me bulky?' - Mythbusting protein

These must be some of the most frequently asked questions relating to fitness on social media: will protein make me bulky? Do I need to take protein to make progress? How much protein should I be taking? So this blogpost has been a long time coming and we are going to try to dispel some of the biggest myths around protein.

What is protein?

Protein is one of the 3 macronutrients that your body needs to function (the other two being carbohydrates and fats). Proteins are made up of amino acids which stimulate muscle repair and growth when consumed in sufficient quantities.

Should I be taking protein powder?

The reason that people take protein powders are because they are fast digesting and convenient. Our favourite whey protein is from Multipower. Additionally, the way that you can consume a protein powder is really diverse – you don’t just have to drink a protein shake, although this can be great on the go. For example, as you all probably know we love proats (protein oats, especially with Multipower French Vanilla whey, or greek yoghurt with Multipower Coffee Caramel whey protein stirred in!). However, taking protein in a powder form is not absolutely necessary. Essentially you could get exactly the same benefit from eating protein in food form, for example chicken and turkey or tofu and tempeh if you’re vegan!

How much protein should I be consuming?

We all need to consume protein in order for our muscles to grow and repair; this goes without saying. However, our bodies are only able to digest a certain amount of protein, so consuming too much protein is essentially a waste of your daily calorie intake. The ‘correct’ amount of protein that you should be consuming is dependent on many things, namely your body composition, your activity levels and your goals – there’s a lot more information about this and how much protein you need to take to meet your goals in The Gains4Girls Guide!

Will protein make me bulky?

In short, no, protein will not make you bulky. Protein powders do not contain some kind of magical formula that automatically make you gain muscle and size! Protein powders are purely convenient ways of increasing your protein intake, and could be substituted for many other things like chicken. If you DO want to get bulky, speaking from a female perspective, this would take years and years of very consistent and intense training to achieve so please do not worry!

I hope that this has dispelled some of the myths around protein! As always The Gains4Girls Guide Facebook group is there for any other questions you may have. BIG love, LP

FoodLucy Plenderleith