'Jaffa Cake' Protein Truffles

Chocolate & orange has to be one of my favourite flavours combinations. I may have been known to almost finish a whole Terry’s chocolate orange in one sitting (no, REALLY). So I thought I’d have a crack at ‘healthify-ing’ this flavour combo into the perfect post-workout snack using Mornflake’s new high protein chocolate porridge oats. I’ve named them ‘truffles’ as does that not just sound 1000x more indulgent and delicious than ‘balls’? The addition of Cocoa Plus’ high protein orange crisp chocolate added a richness to the flavour and a slight crunch to the soft texture of the truffles! I also added some Multipower rich chocolate whey isolate to up the protein content a little (however, this could easily be omitted). All in all, not to blow my own trumpet but they were divine!

My mother was also over recently visiting from Dubai and managed to smuggle in some gorgeous fresh dates with her, which I also used to add some sweetness as well as the fact that dates are rich in fibre as well as a number of vitamins & minerals. However, dried dates would also be fine to use in this recipe if soaked in a little hot water for 10 minutes prior to using them.



-       2 sachets Mornflake high protein chocolate porridge oats

-       1 ½ scoops (45g) Multipower rich chocolate whey isolate

-       35g chopped Cocoa Plus high protein orange crisp chocolate

-       2 tbsp Cacao powder (+ a little extra to roll the truffles in)

-       10 pitted fresh dates

-       1 tsp orange essence

-       2 tbsp ground almonds

-       2 tbsp water



1)   Simply place all your ingredients in a food processor and blend until you get a sticky dough.

2)   Pour a little Cacao powder onto a plate and use it to roll and coat the truffles in.

3)   Place the truffles in the fridge for 1 hour to firm up a little.

4)   Eat and enjoy! (Warning: if you’re in prep like me or question your will-power immediately take into work or give to friends otherwise you will find yourself consuming the whole batch...)

Macros for 1 truffle (I made 8 from a whole batch, but you could easily make more or less depending on your preference):

Calories: 152             9.5P/4.4F/17.7C

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