Crispy Mornflake Chicken Nugget Breakfast Burrito

If you've been following us for any amount of time you'll know that we are quite honestly absolutely barmy about breakfast. I genuinely think that people who say 'oh I skip breakfast' must have been dropped on their head as a child. HOW can you miss the most crucial and more importantly most DELICIOUS meal of the day?!

We're always looking for new ways to spice up our first meal of the day and I recently made these chicken nuggets into a big breakfast burrito, but with a healthy twist, using Mornflake's oat bran and oats. And I've written the recipe out below for you absolute babes (because I am just that nice!). Enjoy it and let us know if you make it! Lots of love, AC.


Chicken Nuggets:

40g Mornflake Oats

15g Mornflake Oatbran

15g Sukrin Coconut Flour + extra for pre coating the chicken

Peri Peri Seasoning

Smoked Paprika

Garlic Granules

Egg Wash:

One whisked egg

Srirarcha Mayo:

45g Fat Free Quark

10g Srirarcha Sauce

Burrito Extras:

1 Joseph's low carb wrap

1/2 an avocado (eat aroound 65g)

20g 'Eat Lean Cheese' (Trust us this stuff is amazing)

2 scrambled eggs cooked in Kerrigold grassfed butter


1) Pre-heat oven to 200 degrees and prepare foil lined baking tray

2) Pop crispy coating ingredients in a blender and blend until breadcrumb consistency

3) Whisk egg

4) Cut chicken fillets into 'nugget size', dip in coconut flour, followed by the egg wash and lastly the 'crispy coating'. (I used 200g of chicken but was left with about 1/3 coating mixture so quantities could be adjusted depending on how much chicken you're using)

5) Place on a baking tray and spray with 1kcal spray

6) Place in oven for 15-20 mins until lightly golden brown

7) Meanwhile prepare the burrito extras/fillings.

8) Once nuggets are done, construct the burrito and devour! 

FoodLucy Plenderleith