Top 5 tips for staying on track whilst on holiday

So as you guys all probably know I’ve been on a fair few holidays this summer (apologies for the copious amounts of photos and snapchats!) and I’m currently travelling Indonesia for 5 weeks with my boyfriend! However, I know that going on holiday is something that some people worry about, as it can throw you off track. It’s hard to stay on top of both macros and training and avoiding feeling guilty for enjoying yourself. SO, I thought I’d share my top 5 ways of staying track whilst on holiday, whilst being able to enjoy your time abroad and relax. I’d love to hear what you guys think so leave a comment! LP x

1)   Keep training

For me, a massive part of being on holiday is enjoying the food. Whether you’re it’s Spanish sangria, patatas bravas and croquettes, or France and the wine, cheese and saucission, I know it’s hard not to over-indulge. So my first tip would be EAT how you want, but keep training. It’s for a short period of time so your body really won’t change THAT much, keeping training whilst indulging will mean you don’t gain more excess fat than necessary.

I know that abroad you may not have access to a gym, but no gym is not an excuse. There’s so much that you can do without access to a gym. I posted an equipment free resistance band workout the other day, and there’s a few more ideas below. Also setting yourself a target like 50 sit-ups a day (that’s what I’m doing at the moment although I need to do 250 today having missed a couple of days…whoops!) can be a good idea, if you can stick to it!

Holiday workout ideas:

o   Swimming

o   Steady state runs (Lots of holiday destinations are very scenic so take advantage of the beauty!)

o   HIIT workouts (The beach can be the perfect place to fit in a 15 min HIIT workout, 3x5 minute circuits and you're done!)

o   LISS (Are there any good walks or hikes where you're abroad? Can also be fab for tanning all over too!)

o   Minimal equipment workouts, e.g. resistance bands or big 5l water bottles.

2)   Portion control

o   Enjoy the breakfast buffet or desert at dinner, but keep everything in moderation. You don’t need to overeat and end up feeling bloated or guilty. Enjoy the food that you want, but stop when you’re full.

3)   Pack extra snacks and supplements

o   Now this tip may not be for everyone. Some people may think that it’s excessive or unnecessary, but I always take a tub of protein powder and some protein bars away with me for a healthy option when I get peckish, and to make sure I’m eating enough protein. Lots of holiday food can be quite fat or carbohydrate based so this ensures that you have a healthy option for an interim meal and are getting enough protein.

o   As I’m sure you guys are all aware, we use ‘Multipower’ supplements, which you can check out on their website. Our discount code is G4G20 if you want some dolla off of your order!

4)   Sometimes pick the healthy option

o   Now I’m not saying do this the whole time, but it is possible in restaurants or buffets to choose ‘healthier’ food and drink options. Obviously everybody’s opinion of what ‘healthy’ is is very different, but here’s a couple of things I’d suggest.

Food –

1)    Think about the way the food is being cooked before you make your choice. For example, a grilled chicken breast is ‘healthier’ than a deep-fried chicken burger.

2)    Think about the macros that your food contains, e.g. red meats can often be quite fatty, but fish is a lighter option as well as being really dense with other micronutrients.

3)    Think about the sides that you order with your meal. For example, rice or salad or veggies is a ‘healthier’ option than chips.

Alcohol –

Now most of us, me included, love a drink on holiday. To me there’s nothing better than a Hendricks and tonic water with a slice of cucumber. Alcohol gets a bad name in this industry but I think if you fancy a drink, have one. You can just be aware of how calorific different alcohols are and pick the lighter option. For example, a G&T or vodka soda lime would be considered a lighter option than wine, which is calorie dense, or cocktails which contain a lot of sugar.

4) Don't be too hard on yourself - relax and enjoy it! 

This is probably the most important point here. I know that lots of girls (me included) put ourselves under a lot of pressure to stay on top of training and nutrition. If you follow our snapchat ‘gains4girls’ you’ll know that since summer started I’ve just not been able to do this all of the time. At first I was worried I’d gained fat, lost my abs and people would think I didn’t look as good as I used to or as good as I should as a 'fitness blogger', but actually that’s not the case at all. I’ve had about 2 months off, my body hasn’t changed very much and my weight has stayed roughly the same. Although boobs have risen from the dead and I’m just really happy enjoying my summer. To me, this is more important than having a set of shredded abs. I’ve got time after summer to get back on top of everything again, but for now, I’ll be following these 4 tips so that I don’t stray too far from the beaten track! At the end of the day you’re going on holiday to enjoy yourself and relax, so give yourself a break and don’t be too hard on yourselves!

Lots of love, LP x

FitnessLucy Plenderleith