Mornflake's 'The Oat Games' 2016 and what actually happens at a blogger event?

So last Sunday was Mornflake’s long-awaited ‘Oatlympics’. AC, one of our best friends/Queen of the booty gains, @GraceFitUK, and I made our way up to Euston to catch the first train to Crewe, Cheshire. We grabbed a couple of Café Nero Iced Lattes (AC had her trusty flavour drops in her bag… #preplife), and were on our way. Joining us aboard the train were a dozen other fitness bloggers clad in their Lulu leggings and Nike trainers headed for Mornflake’s ‘Oatlympics’. We soon arrived in the beautiful northern countryside to see exactly what ‘Mornflake’ as a brand and company are about.

Gains4Girls isn’t AC’s and I’s main job, so this means that most of the time we just can’t make the awesome blogger events that are put on around London as we have other commitments (sad times!!). So making our way to the Mornflake event (our first regional blogger event! That was usefully put on on a Sunday) we were really excited to find out what actually happens at these events, are they as glamourous as they seem? What are fitness bloggers actually like?

We already knew a little about the ‘Mornflake’ the company, that they were founded in 1675 (please excuse the history enthusiast inside me), and are still essentially a family run business. They grow all of their oats on their oat crops in Cheshire, and to give us a really authentic feel for what Mornflake was about, THIS is where they held their event.

Essentially this is the main reason I use Mornflake oats over other brands; their accountability for where their products come from. If you haven’t tried Mornflake products then DO. Their oats come in loads of varieties (fine, course, dense), and they’ve also just brought out HIGH PROTEIN OATS. Yes, you heard me right, oats with a higher protein content. If you’re anything like me then you’ll find it difficult to hit your protein macros some days. (I don’t count macros, I just try to make sure I’m putting enough protein into my body). I certainly have NO problem eating enough carbs or fats… so these oats help me higher my protein intake without putting lots of fake stuff into my body.

ANYHOW – back to the event. We arrived to be given preworkout shakes *nom *, which consisted of blended oats, almond milk, cinnamon and a couple of other delicious ingredients that my palet couldn’t quite identify.

We were pretty quickly put through our paces by Cheshire-based Cross-Fit company, @cw1_crossfit (if you’re based near this area and fancy giving Cross-Fit a go then check these guys out, Craig, the guy who runs it was fab). I’d never actually tried Cross-Fit before but I can assure you it’s not for the faint-hearted. We were paired up and my pair actually despaired that he had been paired with the most competitive person there….. (sorry Rich!). Please note – appropriate footwear is necessary for a CrossFit workout, note AC’s chunky trainers in the photo attached haha.

We went through three circuits which was followed by MORE food. The lovely @nicsnutrition provided us with delicious oaty protein balls, and we peddled our own smoothies (see Instagram post, only the PG13 version was uploaded, there were other edits which included far more aggressive peddling).

To cool down we were put through our paces by @boysofyoga - three guys whose presence alone screamed 'zen'! Although Grace, Abby and I were all a bit rubbish it was an awesome way to finish the day... I need to work on my headstands!

To wrap up, Nics provided us with MORE food (falafel and tzatziki wraps) for our journeys home, and Mornflake gave out some amazing goodie bags.

It was amazing to finally put names to people’s real names and faces! Everybody that we met there was certainly as lovely and genuine as they come across on social media (@twicethehealth @whenharrymetsalad @tarastransformation … to name a few!) 

Thank you Mornflake for having us all and can we PLEASE do it again soon?!

Don’t forget to check out Mornflake’s products - especially their new high protein oats - they’re in pretty much EVERY supermarket!

BIG love, LP x

Disclaimer: This post contains sponsored content