Review: The Floatworks, London

Life can be absolutely manic. I’m sure you guys don’t need us to tell you that. Especially living in London, everyone and everything seems to be moving at such a pace, when do we actually give ourselves a chance to slow it down a notch, notice what’s around us, let our bodies and our minds rewind? For us, this is very rarely.

This is why, when Chris, who opened ‘The Floatworks’ in Vauxhall three months ago invited us down for our first ‘floating’ experience, we jumped at the chance. I won’t lie we were both very sceptical about the benefits that floating could offer, but we were pleasantly surprised and have added a little more info for you guys further down.  

It was a Friday night, AC had just finished a day of back-to-back PTing, finishing off with putting one of our good friends Ellie (@exercising_els) and I through a gruelling ‘matrix’ style leg session. We sprinted back to AC’s house, inhaled some oats and jumped on the train to Vauxhall, out of breath and sweaty in this humidity with no idea what to expect from floating (which is now, apparently a verb).

We arrived at ‘The Floatworks’, to be warmly greeted by Chris, the owner, who had a really natural ‘zen-like’ aura surrounding him. He gave us some flip flops and then lead us to our private floating ‘pods’ to begin our experience.

So, what is the ‘floating’ experience, I’m sure you’re wondering. Well, it’s essentially lying in a bath of warm water and Epsom salts, which allow you to float on the surface of the water. The water is hearted to our natural body temperature of 35.5 degrees, making differentiating between the water and the air impossible. You put in earplugs to block out any sounds or water from entering your ears and once you close the lid of the pod, turn the lights off you’re in a state of total sensory deprivation.

You then lie in the water for an hour. This was surprisingly daunting for the two of us. A whole hour, with none of your senses, just you, floating in the water. The first 10 minutes has relaxing music to help you adjust to the conditions inside the pod, and then after there’s silence, until the last 5 minutes where the music comes back on to help you wake up and let you know your session is over.

Now we were told by Chris that your first ‘float’ is your worst, and most difficult, because we just aren’t used to having absolutely nothing to do except float. This is definitely true. I got Epsom salts in my mouth and eyes which was quite unpleasant, but nothing that a towel rub and some water didn’t sort out.

The experience continues after your float is concluded, as there’s full showering facilities available in your private room. We then made our way upstairs to ‘The Hollywood Room’. Equipped with hairdryers, straighteners, bright lights and mirrors so that you can drop in for a float whenever.

After this, there’s ‘The Chill Out Room’. A cool room, full of bean bags, sofas and a wide selection of Mint Teas and quiet music, to complete your floating and relaxation experience.   

So, overall, we both really enjoyed our floating experience and will definitely be back! Although it took us a while to switch off, and it was more challenging than it should have been, we could definitely feel the benefits almost immediately. Mine was followed by an 11 hour sleep which is virtually unheard of for me, and AC felt super relaxed after her long week. 

Let us know if you go down to the Floatworks for your first floating experience and don’t forget to use our discount code GAINS4GIRLS for 20% off.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review.