Proats/Zoats - what, why and how?

So to say that absolute least, the fitness industry is going absolutely nutty about oats. They're a great source of 'good' carbohydrates, which release slowly and keep you full for ages, not to mention the picture perfect toppings that can be assembled to create a masterpiece worthy of Instagram. 

We're all guilty of drooling over these clean or not-so-clean bowls of beauty - and here is our run down HOW we make our oats or zoats, WHY and our favourite recommendations for toppings.

WHY 'proats' or 'zoats'?


Proats -

  • So adding protein to your usual porridge has many benefits. Firstly, it enhances the taste. There's such a wide variety of protein powders available our favourite being Multipower: - because you just cannot beat their flavours (we haven't been paid to say this).
  • Secondly, hitting enough protein to fuel your muscles isn't easy, so adding supplements such as protein to your food can really help boost the amount of protein that you're putting into your body.

Zoats - 

  • You may (or may not) have seen the new craze for grating a courgette into your oats. The look of disgust on my friends faces when I first did this says it all... BUT what I found is that you can't actually taste the courgette, but it adds so much volume to your oats, which keeps you fuller for longer, as well as making your oats more 'nutrient-dense'.
  • Courgette (or zucchini, if you're American) is a typically 'low calorie' vegetable, with high fibre, and anti-oxidant value, which basically means it's very good for you and your body will love it.

Gains4Girls oats absolute-must-haves!

1) Whey protein - our favourite protein has got to be Multipower - it's a very good quality protein and the flavours are second-to-none (link above). Anyone who tells you vanilla tastes the same from everywhere is lying to you! Their French Vanilla is so rich, and their coffee caramel is also an absolute winner.

2) Toppings! - toppings are what turns regular porridge into 'Instagrammable-porridge-porn' - we are all guilty of going a little over-the-top with our toppings, but with so many new 'clean-cheats' why the hell not!

Fruit - frozen or fresh fruit always makes a great addition to porridge, particularly berries or banana

Flax/Chia/Nuts - whether these 'superfoods' are fact or fiction, they do make a pretty addition to a bowl of oats, as well as adding some texture.

Nut Butters! - where do we even start? We are self-confessed nut-butter addicts that need regular restraint. However some of our favourites (to name a mere few), are:

Epic Spreads - The stores flavour and the birthday cake flavours are to die for.

Buff Bake - White chocolate is always a winner!

Nuts n' More - White Chocolate or Toffee Crunch will always have a place in our hearts

Chocolate - for chocolate, you just cannot beat 'Cocoa Plus'. Cocoa plus is a new high-protein chocolate company. They sent us a couple of complimentary bars but we are not totally and utterly addicted, its so delicious I would highly highly recommend you try some, I promise you won't be disappointed!

How do we make our oats?

Step 1: Measure your oats

- Everyone eats different quantities of oats, whether you're tracking macros or eating clean or neither. We have around 50-60g of oats on average, mixed with 50/50 milk/water or almond milk/water.


Step 2: Cook your oats/add your protein and/or courgette

- We make our oats in a tupperware in the microwave (because this is quicker and less washing up than the hob) and it also means you won't surprise yourself with a scorching china bowl when getting it out of the microwave!

- We would recommend cooking your oats for around 1 min, taking it out and giving it a good stir, then adding your scoop of protein powder and/or half a courgette - give it another good stir and stick it back in the microwave for 30 secs - 1 min more.


- This is our absolute favourite part - the challenge of choosing your toppings. I have usually planned this well before I go to bed the night before (not sure if its weird to plan your oats toppings more than 12hrs in advance?)

- Check out our Instagram for some creative oats ideas 



Enjoy girlies, LP x


FoodLucy Plenderleith