My Breast Augmentation Experience

I didn’t originally plan on writing this blog post at all, perhaps because I considered sharing something so personal across social media as unnecessary or perhaps because I was concerned about the reception it might receive. However, I then considered further and thought what do I have to hide? I’m not ashamed in the slightest; lifting heavier than the person next to you doesn’t make you any better a person than them, just like choosing to have cosmetic surgery doesn’t make me any better or lesser a person, its just a decision I made for myself. So I’m sharing my experience in an effort to be transparent, to pre-empt any questions people might have and also in the hopes that others might find this useful reading.

Ever since I initially lost weight, and even more so in the past 18 months as my shape has changed as I developed more muscle, I’ve considered undergoing breast augmentation. I’ve always said if I could train my chest to grow my boobs like I can my train my glutes to grow them I would, unfortunately it doesn’t work like that (and as a friend accurately remarked, unfortunately, it often works the opposite way). Around the beginning of this year I started to research more seriously into the pros & cons of the surgery, possible surgeons, the procedure itself & also spoke to friends I knew had undergone the surgery. I also read a number of blog posts such as this, which I found immensely helpful.

After researching thoroughly and with a clear idea in mind of exactly the ‘look’ I wanted and why, I scheduled a consultation with a surgeon in Harley Street. As my mother currently lives abroad the next person I naturally asked to come with me was Lucy. I wanted a second pair of eyes and ears there with me; someone who’s opinion I completely trusted & also someone to ask any questions I might overlook. After taking various measurements the surgeon gave me a few different choices of implant sizes, discussed in detail with me the procedure, the risks involved and the recovery process. After this initial consult, whilst I felt confident in my choice of surgeon, I took some time to truly consider if this was 100% what I wanted. I decided it was, and from there I paid the deposit for my surgery and chose a date. I had a 2nd consult before my surgery where my implant size was chosen, paperwork was signed & I also had my bloods done. I made the decision to have my surgery the week following on from competing in the British Finals. I chose this time as I thought my body might appreciate a break from training & work following on from prep (although I’m sat here writing this at two weeks post-op and now itching to train again...).

Before I knew it was Thursday 13th October. My surgery was mid-morning, so after staying the night with my boyfriend (who did a good job of calming my nerves & worries; everything felt VERY real by this point), I made my way to the hospital for 9am. From there things seemed to go very fast – anaesthesia checks were done, I was given the most flattering gown & stockings and was marked up by the surgeon. The last thing I remember was feeling the anaesthetic trickling up my arm and considering how strange the sensation felt (until this point I’d never had a GA before)...

And then suddenly (in what honestly felt like the blink of an eye) I was awake. I was awake, and I had boobs! I felt drowsy but aside from that felt much like my usual self (aka. I had no issues eating 4 Ben’s Cookie’s that Joe brought to the hospital for me. Girls gotta eat.)

For the first 3 days after my surgery Joe, my boyfriend and Lucy between them looked after me. I was definitely less mobile than I anticipated the first few days; whilst moving around itself didn’t present any problems, getting in and out of bed, chairs, putting on clothes and other movements like bending over or reaching for things were difficult and somewhat painful. I was given co-codamol to relieve the pain, which whilst effective did make me drowsy and was not kind to my digestive system. However, each day I felt more myself and the pain receded. After the first week I felt completely myself, could sleep on my side as I normally would and did not have any issues with moving around, reaching into cupboards, etc. My boobs themselves are still very firm and sit quite high, however this is normal and as my implants are placed under the muscle they do take longer to settle. The first week they felt very strange, almost like they weren’t a part of my body at all, but every day now they feel more normal and I couldn’t be happier with my decision.

I’m going to finish with answering a few predicted FAQ’s, however remember these answers are specific to my experience & my surgery.

1.     What kind of implants did you get, where was the incision and were they placed under the pectoral muscle or over?

I chose to have silicone implants. Specifically the implant I chose was a Mentor round cohesive II implant as I felt this shape suited the look I wanted and this implant gave the most natural look & feel. Due to lack of breast tissue and low body fat my surgeon told me I had to have my implants placed under the muscle. The incision was made right under my breasts, where the scarring is often barely noticeable.


2.     How many CC’s did you get?

Much like macros the number of CC’s you can get is highly dependant on the individual. It depends on a number of factors; the amount of breast tissue you currently have, the shape and size of your chest wall & rib cage, as well as your overall frame. So whilst I will tell you I had 325CC – this is what my surgeon & I decided on to meet my desired look, and the needs of someone else might be very different.


3.     How much time off do you have to take from training?

This varies for everyone, and it can be upto 6 weeks before your surgeon clears you to do any exercise. I’m currently 2 weeks PO; I’ve been doing long walks outside – which I’ve actually grown to love and find very therapeutic – and have just started doing some bodyweight glute work using resistance bands. It’ll be another week before I attempt any actual weighted leg work, and even then I’m under instructions to keep it light. For upper body training I need wait at least another 3 weeks. I’m listening to the recommendations of my surgeon very closely and being patient; it’s not worth putting my health at risk and ruining my new boobs simply to get in the gym. This is the longest I’ve ever had off training since I started. It is hard and I do go stir crazy at times, however I know it’s given my mind and body a welcome break after almost 8 solid months of prep and dieting. It’s also renewed my love of training as I’ve learned to truly appreciate just how much it’s capable of when I’m in full health!


4.     Did you to have a breast augmentation because of competing? Do you think you need breast implants to compete in bikini competitions?

Definitely not, I considered a breast augmentation long before I considered competing and I do not think it is necessary by any means to have breast implants in order to compete. There are many competitors – both amateur and professional – who compete who do not have them. I competed this season, and placed well, without them. Competing is a part of my life and a part of who I am but it doesn’t define me, I would never consider surgery solely for the purpose of competing.


5.     Why did you get breast implants?

Quite simply, because I wanted them. Without sounding defensive, it is my body, my life and my choice. I did this for me, and no one else, and my own personal reasons were enough for me. Whilst the opinions of my family, friends and loved ones are important to me, at the end of the day I did what felt right for me. I did not undergo surgery because I thought a ‘bigger-breasted’ me would be a ‘better me’, just like a ‘leaner me’ is not a ‘better me’, simply a different me.


I hope this post has answered any queries you might have and maybe even been useful reading for some.  If you have any other questions or if you yourself are considering breast augmentation then please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Lotsa lovin', AC x

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